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A reduction in the number of drownings by promoting the necessary rescue skills, attitudes and behaviours to prevent such tragedies and water-related accidents in Ireland is the main objective of Clare McGrath, the new Chair of Water Safety Ireland (WSI), during her five-year term of office.

Clare McGrath has been a lifelong advocate for drowning prevention and, in addition to being a volunteer with WSI and serving on the WSI Council, she has been the Water Safety Development Officer with Clare County Council since 2014.

She received a 30-year Long Service Award at the WSI National Awards Ceremony in November 2021 for her voluntary efforts as an Instructor, Examiner and Tutor and her experience predates this award, having won National Lifesaving Competitions aged 16 and lifeguarding at 17.

As a current member of the WSI Council, McGrath has helped to develop a National Drowning Prevention Strategy. As the current Chair of the WSI Sports Commission, she has played a key role in developing Lifesaving Sport in which participation levels are at an all-time high.

Currently the Chair of the Federation of Irish Sport, and the former Chair of Swim Ireland, McGrath has a particular penchant for teaching WSI’s Lifeguarding and Lifesaving Sport syllabus, through which a corps of lifeguards are educated, so that waterways and pools have competent cover to protect the public.

“I very much look forward to working with the WSI Council and engaging its Commissions, our 30 Water Safety Area Committees nationwide and the members, local authorities, and other agencies to develop policies and projects that help encourage more participation and engagement at all levels.”

She added that over the next five years as chair she will look forward to providing leadership to the WSI Council in the continued delivery of Ireland’s National Drowning Prevention Strategy 2018-2027, and the strategic development of the organisation.

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